President & Executive Producer, Eleanor

Head Judge – Music Video

Sophie Gold, the President and Executive Producer at Eleanor, is known for her exquisite taste and an exceptional ability to discover groundbreaking creative talents. With her gift for spotting talent, she has curated a diverse roster of visionary storytellers.

Born in France and raised in Great Britain, a rich tapestry of literary, cinematic, and cultural influences have shaped Sophie’s career.

With more than a decade of experience traversing the realms of live-action, creative development, visual effects, post-production, business development and advertising, Sophie brings versatile expertise and entrepreneurial passion to her work as an EP. Being honored with the 2021 AdAge 40 Under 40 award was a resplendent testament to Eleanor’s impact and Sophie’s leadership.

As the first Black and woman-owned production company in the United States, Eleanor never had the option of a straight and narrow path forward. With no choice but to be extraordinary, Eleanor’s portfolio gleams with bold originality.
Crafting imaginative masterpieces for some of the world’s largest brands and musical artists, Eleanor’s innovative body of work champions diverse voices, excellence in craft, and exhilaratingly authentic storytelling.

The intertwining auditory and visual storytelling that defines the music video genre opens a door for true poetry. Sophie is drawn to music videos that push musical and filmic craft to new heights, immersing audiences in the stirring experience of the art, weaving new, profound meaning into every lyric and each frame.


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