Senior Editor, Cartel

Fernanda Cordoso embarked on her professional journey as a sound designer and engineer. Transitioning from manipulating sounds, she delved into music creation by sampling and re-editing old records, transforming fragments into innovative compositions. This marked the inception of her journey into editing. Driven by her deep-seated passion for movies, Fernanda collaborated with film composers, serving as a creative assistant and music editor for nine years. Seeking a new adventure, she transitioned to picture editing, relishing the opportunity to shape and dictate narratives rather than merely enhancing existing ones. Her editing prowess initially found expression in documentaries and branded content before expanding to commercials and movies. 

Since early 2020, Fernanda has been an integral part of Cartel, an editorial company with a presence in Los Angeles and New York. Her work spans high-profile commercials for notable brands like Google, Apple News, Walmart, Nissan, Facebook, and United Airlines. Simultaneously, she has lent her editing expertise to long-form projects. In 2022, Fernanda ventured into sound design for Harmony Korine's latest film, "Agro Drift." The movie premiered at prestigious festivals such as the Venice Film Festival, New York Film Festival, and Toronto Film Festival in 2023, currently touring across the United States. In collaboration with award-winning editor Leo Scott, Fernanda is presently editing Nicolai Fuglsig's upcoming film. Fuglsig, a two-time DGA winner and director of the acclaimed war movie "Twelve Strong," is represented by MJZ. Together, they are shaping a compelling cinematic narrative.

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