Production Designer

Pete Zumba is an accomplished Commercial and Film Production Designer based out of  Brooklyn, but has designed sets all over the world. He came up thru the NYC film production  universe, meeting Michel Gondry early in his career as an assistant Art Director on The White  Stripes Hardest Button to Button video. That connection turned into a years long working  relationship serving as Michel’s Production Designer for commercials, music videos, stop  motion animation and any other random project that lived in Michel’s head. He attributes those  creative fever dream years, along with meeting Mark Romanek on Jay Z’s 99 Problems video  as an Assistant Art Director, and serving as James Gray’s Art Director on The Immigrant, as  pivotal professional moments that helped shape his design theory and the approach he brings  to set design today. Along with designing for Romanek and Gray, Pete has collaborated with a  wealth of exceptional directors including but not limited to, Lance Acord, Brian Beletic, Randy  Krallman, Barry Levinson, Errol Morris, Paul Feig, and Damien Chazelle. Pete applies his  extensive Art Department experience to visualize sets in their entirety, considering every facet  of the film making process. This has garnered him the reputation as a high level creative, with a  deft problem solving sense and endless visual range. 

Pete’s latest work is Jack Huston’s Day of the Fight, a black and white period drama starring  Micheal Pitt, Joe Pesci, Ron Perlman, John Magaro, Nicollete Robinson, and Steve Buscemi,  which premiered at the 80th Venice Film Festival to critical acclaim this past September.

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