Executive Producer, Brand New School

Johnna MacArthur's circuitous arrival into the realms of advertising, animation, and production originated from making video installations and photography within the art world. 

The consistent thread of this trajectory, has been a steadfast interest in the creative process and the potency of visual storytelling.

Since 2014, Johnna has been a member of the Brand New School team. Initially serving as a Senior Producer, she progressed to the role of Head of Production and is presently an Executive Producer. 
Throughout her tenure at Brand New School, she has been integral in spearheading ambitious and pioneering projects for the company's high profile clientele, some of which include Apple, Google, Ford, Meta, Salesforce, and Slack. Her foremost objective is to champion the pursuit of authenticity and foster an environment in which the team is empowered to explore and maifest diverse and visionary inquiries.

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