Executive Producer, The Corner Shop

For nearly 35 years, Jay has produced everything from features to television to commercials, finally realizing that spending his life savings while raising two kids probably wasn’t the most prudent.  In 1996 he started his own film/tv development company called TickleTime (the daily time spent rolling around with his children making them giggle), finding and producing The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys right out of the gate with Jodie Foster and Meg LeFauve, followed by Mike Mills’ first feature, Thumbsucker - both of which were Sundance darlings. Fortunately his commercial producing career took off and enabled him to work with most of the best directors in the world, from Peter Thwaites to Craig Gillespie, Bryan Buckley and Fredrik Bond to name a few – he fully recognizes the charmed producing life he has enjoyed.

In 2015, he got even luckier when owner Anna Hashmi of The Corner Shop brought him into the fold – allowing him to not only be Executive Producer, but to continue to produce for the lovely directors on the roster.

Jay loves the creative process – “It’s about story first…everything else comes after.  What happens below the surface is where the good stuff happens.”  

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