Senior Editor and Owner, Cycle Media

Matthew Griffiths is a 25 year veteran of the North American post production business. As a linchpin of the Vancouver scene, he has been fortunate enough to cut for top agencies locally, nationally and globally, winning awards at the Cannes Lions and the Clios.

The Shots reel is one of the main reasons for his initial attraction to the business. Its arrival (on VHS monthly via Fedex!) was cause for much excitement. Having a chance to see (amongst many others) Gondry’s ‘Resignation’ spot for Polaroid (editor: Russell Icke) and Glazer’s ‘Swim Black’ for Guinness (editor: Rick Lawley) fuelled Matthew’s passion for the craft.

He is driven by a great love of the art and craft of post production and a passion for the marriage of the technical and the creative that post production represents.

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