Director, Wild Gift Content

Misko's artistic journey began in the vibrant graffiti scene of late 1980s Finland. His creativity soon found a new canvas in computer graphics, leading to his recruitment at just seventeen by the acclaimed US-based Epic Games, known for hits like Gears of War, Fortnite, and the Unreal Engine. A few years later, Misko was hired as a visual effects artist by one of the premiere post-production houses in Finland, where he crafted visual effects for hundreds of commercials, feature films, and music videos. As the new millennium dawned, Misko's passion pivoted toward directing. His directorial flair garnered critical acclaim, epitomized by winning the 'Director of the Year' award and the Grand Prix for his film 'The Cell' at the Finnish Commercial Film Awards.

His work quickly attracted international attention, and 2015 marked a new chapter with his move to Los Angeles, where he has since directed dozens of commercials for iconic brands like Disney and Nintendo. With a background in visual effects, he feels at home with digital characters and set extensions but values stories that evoke emotions at our core level. His unique blend of imaginative storytelling, emotional depth, and visual splendor has cemented his reputation in commercial directing, currently in the roster of David Mitchell's Wild Gift Content. He has also written and directed an award-winning short film, 'The Patient,' and is eager to expand his talent into feature films.

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