Director/Animator, Zombie Studio

Isabela Littger, a Brazilian filmmaker, graduated from Ringling College of Art in 2015. Her graduation film, "None or That," received acclaim at various festivals, earning a student grant in 2015 and becoming a BAFTA finalist in 2016. Post-graduation, she worked for two years as a concept artist and storyboarder at Vetor Zero, strengthening her passion for storytelling.  Fueled by this passion, Isabela pursued the Gobelins Masters program in character animation and animated filmmaking, graduating in 2019. She worked as the lead director for the graduation animated short film "Blind Eye," which garnered over 28 festival selections and 12 international awards.  In 2019, Isabela started her journey as a freelance director and art director, later becoming a full-time creative director at Lobo from 2020 until 2023. Currently, she serves as a full-time director at Zombie Studio. Notable clients in her career include: Disney, Cartoon Network, Garena - Free Fire, McDonald's, and more.

Zombie Studio

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