Executive Producer of Music, Carousel

Joanna Batemits is the Executive Producer of Music at Carousel, a boutique creative agency and production/post company. She directs all aspects of commercial music licensing, production of original compositions, and serves as a music supervisor and strategist. Joanna has been overseeing music needs for Victoria’s Secret’s global advertising and digital content for the past 7+ years, and has worked with clients that include: Pepsi, Ticketmaster, Grubhub, Spotify, Lay’s, Calvin Klein, T.J. Maxx, Neutrogena, Land Rover, Vince Camuto, to name a few. Prior to joining Carousel, Joanna held creative licensing and brand partnership positions at Primary Wave (an independent music publishing, talent management & branding company), Audio Network (a leading global production music company) and Creative License (a talent procurement & music licensing company).


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