Sound Designer, Swing Musica & Audio Post

Mercedes is an award-winning sound designer and composer who has been working in both film and commercials industry for 15 years. 

Her passion for films led her to study different careers and take several courses related to the industry, such as classical music composition, film scoring, music production, music business, orchestration and film production, in Buenos Aires, Los Angeles and New York.

She started her career in Los Angeles, composing music for commercials, short films and documentaries, which later lead her to add sound design and sound mixing. She is now based in Buenos Aires as head of the sound department at Swing Musica & Audiopost, working for major brands for over 10 years.

In 2018 she did sound for the short film Anacronte, an animated movie that traveled the world through festivals, winning over 100 awards, including many for sound design and mix.

Mercedes has been described as an excellent sound designer that goes above and beyond to make sure every moment in each film feels right, something that can sometimes be quite a challenge. 

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