Executive Producer & Head of Commercial Music Production, Duotone Audio Group

Ross Hopman is an award-winning music producer, currently serving as the Executive Producer & Head of Commercial Music Production at duotone audio group - an award-winning music agency with studios in New York, Los Angeles, and Mexico City.
Having grown up playing music in various bands and watching his father creative-direct music briefs for commercials, Ross made the connection between music and picture at a young age. After graduating with a music degree from Northeastern University in Boston, Ross moved to New York to perform music live and pursue a career as a professional music producer for picture.
Ross's work has garnered every major "music for advertising" accolade under the sun, including multiple Cannes Lions, Clio awards, LIA awards, One Show pencils, and even an Emmy. Chances are you've heard Ross's talents at work, having spanned countless Super Bowl spots (featuring household names like Jim Carey and Will Farrell), branded content for globally recognized brands such as Dell, Rolex, Apple, and Verizon, and critical PSA's such as Donate Life's "World's Biggest Asshole" that features a rearrangement of Coldplay's "Fix You" that Ross not only developed the concept for but also performed and recorded with his band Civil Brother (Jordan Lieb). After the campaign launched, the number of daily registrants of organ donation increased by 698%.

As evidenced by his recent role in brokering a musical partnership between Tik-Tok rapper Connor Price and Don Julio for their latest campaign which features a duotone-produced, modern version of the disco classic 'Sunny', Ross is passionate about reimagining traditional approaches to music for advertising. His care for craft, community, and his unique point of view bring something special to every project he touches. "

Duotone Audio Group

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