Director of Content Production, BBDO NY

Alex Gianni is a seasoned production veteran with a rich 25-year journey that spans  various facets of the industry. His expertise encompasses a diverse range, from TV and  documentaries to advertising, long and short form scripted and non-scripted content,  animation/VFX, and a notable three-year stint in London, where he played a pivotal role  in managing a live action/animation production company. 

Currently serving as the Director of Content Production at BBDO NY, Alex leads the  integrated content production team and oversees BBDO NY's in-house production  studio. 

As a staunch champion of the work, Alex has left an indelible mark on the global  creative landscape. Having worked at renowned agencies such as Y&R, McCann, and  BBDO, he has produced some of the most impactful and awarded advertising  campaigns over the past quarter-century. His accolades include multiple Emmys, Lions,  and various industry honors for projects with esteemed brands such as Sandy Hook  Promise, MARS/Snickers, META, Pedigree, FedEx, AT&T, TWIX, HP, Bacardi, LG and  American Red Cross 

Acknowledged as an industry leader, Alex actively contributes to production initiatives.  He has participated in industry panels, discussions, and served as a judge for various  award shows. Additionally, he is a frequent contributor to global production programs,  including Free The Work, Double The Line, and sustainability-led initiatives. 

In his role, Alex exemplifies not only a wealth of experience but also a passion for  creativity, making him a true luminary in the realm of content production.

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