Founder, Not To Scale

Dan O’Rourke is the Founder of Not To Scale an international multi-award winning film and animation content production company with expertise in harnessing both traditional and digital film craft techniques to create engaging experiences for audiences everywhere to enjoy and share.

Not To Scale opened their U.S. operations in SoHo, New York in 2012 and then later Los Angeles. Since then, Not To Scale’s U.S. studio has gone on to work with some of the biggest and best Brands in the States, a selection of which include Apple, Coca-Cola, Dunkin’, e-Bay, Google, Facebook, Hershey’s, Instagram, Snapchat, Target, Uber and more. Whether that has been being invited by Google to reanimate their emojis for global use, to producing Instagram’s first ever TV campaign, filming exploding stop-motion chocolate bars for Hershey’s, or a comedy cookery show that streamed live on air for Meta; the variety of disciplines and work produced by Not To Scale’s U.S. studio and their talented evolving roster has been key to their continued evolution and success in North America.

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