Executive Producer, Stink Films LA

Romy Jo Waller is an award-winning producer who started her career in music video and multi-cam production over a decade ago and since has worked within advertising, animation, television and film. She is now an Executive Producer at Stink Films LA where she focuses on bringing to life music videos for some of the most exciting artists, established and emerging, including two promos for Grammy-winner Megan Thee Stallion, one of which broke the Youtube record for a female rapper debut. 

Romy’s infectious energy and charisma have helped her build a rich and colourful career. Prior to Stink, she worked within the Warner Music Group and under Dazed as a commissioner. She previously also held positions at Unanimous Entertainment, as an Executive Development Assistant on award winning films ‘The Childhood of a Leader’ and ‘Ashes In The Snow’. Beyond those titles, Romy has created a number of personal narrative projects which have been funded by the BFI, Barbican and the BBC, and screened at the iconic film institutions too.

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