Executive Producer, BUCK

Kitty Dillard is Executive Producer at BUCK. With an impressive 16-year tenure, Kitty has been instrumental in shaping BUCK's culture and growth. 

Kitty leverages her expertise across design and animation, spearheading countless projects spanning diverse mediums and styles. Building upon a foundation of excellence and trust, she cultivates lasting relationships with clients, old and new. She remains keenly committed to mentorship and nurturing the talents of her colleagues and the next generations of BUCKers. 

The winds of fate delivered her to NYC, through the doors of Brand New School, and later to a freshly minted BUCK, where she found a home collaborating with fellow dreamers, makers, and doers. Hailing from the birthplace of pickleball and pumpkin spice lattes, Kitty left the soggy shores of Seattle to study fine arts at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University.

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