Production Designer

Miranda Lorenz is a Production Designer known for her surreal visuals for artists such as  Beyoncé, Tyler the Creator, A$AP Rocky, Rosalia, Travis Scott, Billy Eilish, The Weeknd, Steve  Lacy, Omar Apollo and more. Her work also expands into the commercial space, having  designed sets for clients like Calvin Klein, Gucci and Taco Bell.  

With a knack for noticing the peculiar details in everyday life, Miranda is known for creating  playful surrealist dreamlike sets with a gritty edge and texture.  

While studying photography at Art Center College of Design, Miranda ended up getting  involved with a hotel design program in Berlin, something that was brand new to her at the  time. After her time in Berlin, Miranda started focusing on spacial design which lead her to  doing all of her friends student films at Art Center. Shortly after that, Miranda was asked to  production design a music video for A$AP Rocky directed by Dexter Navy.  

Miranda has worked with directors such as, Rubberband., Melina Matsoukas, Marco Prestini,  Dexter Navy, Tyler the Creator, Emmanuel Adjei and more.  

In 2019, she won an Art Director’s Guild award for Best Production Design in a Music Video for  Beyoncé’s BLACK IS KING.  

Later that year Miranda went on to production design MARK MARY AND SOME OTHER  PEOPLE starring Hayley Law and Ben Rosenfield directed by Hannah Marks & AYAR directed  by Floyd Russ.  

Most recently Miranda production designed LITTLE DEATH starring David Schwimmer and  Dominic Fike directed by Jack Begert and produced by Protozoa and Psycho Films. 

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