Sade Ndya is an LA based Cinematographer, who also specializes in Fine Art and Community Organizing. Sade’s creative style is grounded in surreal-like imagery and dynamic lighting dedicated to portraying the beauty in being black. American Cinematographer has named Sade Ndya as a '2023 ASC Rising Star' for her recent advancements in cinematography.

Through her organizing work, Sade works with Made In Her Image,  a non-profit that provides women and non-binary youth of color with education, resources and industry opportunities in film, media, and technology. Their programs have expanded with partnerships from companies like Panavision, A24, and Sundance. 

Sade is represented by The Gersh Agency. Her work has been published on platforms like The LA Times and Netflix, where her work was highlighted in the recent documentary Strong Black Lens. She has freelanced working for companies like BET, Disney, NBC, Hillman Grad and Hoorae. Her recent film, Soñadora, had its debut premiere at Tribeca Film Festival and is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Ndya's most recent video installation, "Re-Imagining Black ___just finished a month-long exhibition at WACO Theater Center in Los Angeles, curated by Tina Knowles Lawson.

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