Managing Partner, Creative, TBWA\India

Parixit loves creating utilities, experiences and content that help brands be of more use to people. 

He has been fortunate to learn from the best in the industry and in the process been part of a body of work that includes creating India’s first women’s self-defence device, putting 12,000 first aiders on a tab on mobile, building the world’s first social media answering machine, letting people play golf only with their mind, challenging the internet to keep a man in his underwear for twenty four hours, turning Snapchat into a helpline, turning skinny alleys into cricket pitches, making cars b-boy and play tag, creating a hoax organisation to help people with their home loans and, lately, the world’s first eye language. 

His work has taken him from Bombay to Singapore to Dubai to Singapore and back to Bombay. He wakes thankful every day and goes to bed wide eyed with all the things possible today in advertising. He works with TBWA\ India as Managing Partner – Creative.


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