Partner & Executive Producer, Rattling Stick

Joe Biggins brings passion for filmmaking to his role as Rattling Stick Executive Producer and Partner. He translates relatable narratives through the lens of the fantastic, with imaginative productions for film and advertising that capture the imagination of viewers. His work encompasses many genres, tackling a diverse roster of projects and always defying labels.

Motivated by an aversion to higher education (and love of film, of course), Biggins got his start in the industry with Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) as a courier before transitioning into motion control, where he contributed to films such as Star Trek Generations, Space Cowboys, Galaxy Quest, and Starship Troopers, among others. 

In 2002, Biggins founded the unique Hollywood enterprise The Inflatable Crowd Company, which created custom crowds to fill backgrounds in the form of inflatable dolls. The company garnered swift industry buzz and has supplied extras for dozens of films, including Million Dollar Baby, Kings Speech, Birdman and Friday Night Lights, among many others.
Biggins joined Rattling Stick in 2011, then took on the role of Executive Producer in 2014. Under his talented leadership, Rattling Stick has earned elite accolades spanning Cannes Lions, Clios, British Arrows, D&AD Pencils, shots Awards and more. 

Among many others, Biggins executive produced the critically-acclaimed P&G Thank You, Mom campaign for the 2016 Olympics, Nike’s ambitious The Switch featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, the 2016-election themed Audi Duel, and the 2018 Super Bowl campaign It’s A Tide Ad for Tide, which won a Film Lions Grand Prix and garnered Rattling Stick an Emmy nomination.

Rattling Stick

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