Founder, Line by Line

Victoria Curtis founded Line by Line in 2018, a first-of-its-kind, bidding production service company connecting production companies with her roster of experienced producers when they are most needed. In 2021 alone she matched 24 bidders over 185 projects with 51 unique clients, 64 directors, and awarded $34m in work.

As a young native Los Angeleno, the sights of Star Waggons and yellow location signs ignited her passions. She was a focused stage manager at Hollywood High School, and Cal State Northridge where she received her BA in technical theater, but it was first setting foot in RSA's lobby in 2004, where she began her real life’s work supporting creative visions. 

Victoria spent considerable time on staff (RSA/Ridley Scott Creative Group, Bullitt, Alldayeveryday, Hey Wonderful) and on-set (Anonymous Content, MJZ, RSA, Park Pictures, Prettybird.) She has been fortunate to work beside production powerhouses Marjie Abrahams, Luke Ricci, Rhea Scott, Michael Karbelnikoff and travel the world managing well-known campaigns with Jake Scott, Malcolm Venville, Chivo, and Lance Acord.

Her commercial production career has uniquely prepared her to improve the daily quality of work/life for executives and freelancers alike with Line by Line.

Line by Line

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