Co-Founder, Hornet

Head Judge – Animation

Michael Feder is the Co-Founder of Hornet—a mixed media production studio based in New York City and Brooklyn that celebrates artistic vision through detailed storytelling and compelling filmmaking. Prior to launching Hornet, Michael cut his chops in the film industry, working on a number of feature film productions, including for directors such as Martin Scorsese. Eventually, he traded in the movie-set life for a series of studio desk jobs in Los Angeles, where he was exposed to the world of visual effects and animation. 

Michael was part of the production team that brought to life the first “Ice Age” film. This film, along with some of the commercial work he was involved with at Blue Sky Studios, were big inspirations for the creation of Hornet. Today, Hornet is driven by a roster of passionate artists, steadfast producers, emerging and established directors. 

For the past 20+ years, since Hornet first opened its doors in 2001, Michael has seen—and overseen—Hornet’s arrival as one of the industry’s leading production companies. With a wide array of award-winning work under Hornet’s belt produced for an equally sprawling range of brands & agencies, Michael’s passion has never waned and his eye for design and talent continues to be a driving force.


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