EP/Managing Partner, Durable Goods

Meet Hani Selim. He’s one of those rare people that, once you meet him, you feel like you’ve known him forever. It could be the way he listens, falls into easy conversation, or seems like he just gets it.

Forging friendships while doing great work might be his greatest strength, but resourcefulness is his superpower. He’s been known to pivot to find a new location at the last minute and turn a $27K budget for a car shoot into a Grand Prix at Cannes.

Hani values honesty in partnerships. Combined with his good-natured approach to managing all kinds of personalities, diffusing issues, and being the calm force in stressful situations is the foundation for his strong relationships and the reason why people want to work with him again and again. He prides himself on the repeat business of Durable Goods – a true testament to this.

Building relationships and accomplishing amazing things is what he’s here for. And that feeling that you’ve known him forever? It may just end up that way.

Durable Goods

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