Sr. Video Producer/Director of Photography

My intention is to spark curiosity and connect people, by telling unique stories and shedding light on shared experiences.

I have a background in journalism. I grew up in the South and Midwest. I’ve lived in NY and CA, but Texas will always be home. 

Film has taken me to a lot of places: from royal weddings to Guantanamo Bay, into hurricanes and wildfires, through stash houses and State houses, and deep into the fringes of society. I enjoy the pressures of challenging environments, and I love creating meaningful connections with people along the way.

I typically work as a producer. I also direct, and shoot. Beyond that, I can light, run sound, fly a drone, and carry a whole lot of gear. In fact, in elementary school we had a “World Day” and I was assigned the role of camel, which meant I was afforded the privilege of carrying everyone’s bags. I’m pretty sure it was my first production gig, and I’m glad it stuck. (If you’re still reading, bless you.)

I currently live in Oakland. I’ve won some awards (obligatory mention).

Evan Groll

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