Founding Partner, Lord Danger, Modern Logic & Solo Cinebot

Josh Shadid is an idea generator and a business developer.  He excels in open sky conversations on the changing macro landscapes.  He founded Lord Danger in 2012, which was subsequently acquired by Zealot Networks in 2015.  In 2016, he negotiated his exit from Zealot.  He then founded Ghost Zero, and ultimately negotiated a repurchase of his brand, Lord Danger in 2017.  

In 2020, during the initial height of the pandemic, Josh founded Solo Cinebot, the world's most advanced remote production solution, which went on to shoot for major studios and brands in dozens of countries, with hundreds of celebrities during the lockdown.  Concurrently, Josh attracted studio executive and studio scaling veteran Michael Bennett to help grow Lord Danger and build their design animation company, Modern Logic, to grow the company's offerings.  The two sit as President and CEO of Monstera Group, the holding company for the two production vehicles.

Lord Danger, Modern Logic & Solo Cinebot

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