Global Head of Brand, Robinhood

Naz Arandi is a creative and brand builder with over 15 years experience spanning the entertainment, travel, entertainment, finance, advertising and design industry. She has been telling human stories using technology as an invisible engine to propel immersive narratives for brands expanding from Robinhood, Apple, Airbnb, Netflix, Mexico Tourism, Tabasco and PayPal. 

Born and raised in Iran, Naz moved to the US at age 20 and later began her career as a professor at Cal Poly Pomona before a shift into advertising. Following creative director roles at agencies such as Ogilvy, she landed at some of her most beloved companies where she has been responsible for building diverse teams, as well as brands that are culturally relevant. She led the global Tagline for Netflix, made “Netflix and Chill” a cultural phenomenon, launched Airbnb Plus, Airbnb Luxe and the new Airbnb app for the post covid world. And last but not least lead the brand and took Robinhood IPO in 2021. 

Currently Global Head of Brand at Robinhood, Naz utilizes the culmination of her experiences to lead a cross-functional team. Her focus covers product launches, editorial, content, team growth and strategic innovation to further propel the brand’s next phase and big ideas. 


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