Executive Producer, RESET

Head Judge – New Director

Jen Beitler, Executive Producer at RESET, who was a first hire with Dave Morrison and David Fincher’s breakthrough company in 2012, is the brain trust of the operation.

Jen works closely with all of RESETs directors and clients, bringing her wealth of production knowledge in live action, VFX, stop motion animation, and her expertise in LED Light-stages which merges all the above. Jen has amassed growing list of award-winning projects, producing in every international hub and remote location.

Originally from California, Jen’s career has taken her to live in New York City and Sydney, Australia, and has returned to Mar Vista with her family. With a career in commercial production spanning nearly 3 decades, Jen has had vibrant tenures at HSI & Radical Media in both NYC & Sydney offices, she is rising to be one of the prominent executive producers in the industry.


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