Director, Immigrant

Rodrigo is a music video, commercials and short film director from Rio de Janeiro,  Brazil. He’s a graduate of Central St Martins College of Art and Design in London,  and prior to being a director he worked as a creative for advertising agencies such  as Mother London and Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam.  

As a director he has won awards from the D&AD, the One Show, Cannes Lions, 1.4  awards, AICP, Berlin Commercial, UKMVA and MVF.  

In advertising he has worked with brands such as Heineken, Cadillac, Coca-Cola,  Corona, Honda, Jeep, VW, Facebook, Dropbox and the Francis Ford Coppola  Winery. On music videos he has worked with artists such as Selena Gomez, DJ  Snake, Céu and Niki & The Dove.  

At heart Rodrigo is a frustrated painter, and therefore sometimes he still draws his  own storyboards. More often than not, he obsesses about details most people  don’t care about.  

In 2003 whilst in college in London he got told by his college tutor that he ‘would  never make it in advertising’ because he was a foreigner. 

In 2022 he co-founded his production company with offices in Brazil, Denmark and The Netherlands. It was appropriately named, Immigrant.  

Rodrigo is a member of the Directors Guild of America and currently lives between  Lisbon and São Paulo.


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