Executive Producer and Managing Director, Yessian

Head Judge – Music/Sound Design

Marlene Bartos is the Executive Producer and Managing Director at Yessian, the renowned global music, sound design and audio production entity in New York, Detroit, LA and Hamburg.  She is currently on the National and New York boards of AMP (The Association of Music Producers) and has served as Past President of each, and she is also a long standing member of the  AICP Show Committee, and a past participant on the AICP Curatorial Committee.  

Other industry experience includes positions as Co-head of production at Gotham and as EP at Y&R.  Over the years Marlene has been involved in all formats of media from commercials, documentaries, tv promos and experiential installations plus overseeing full orchestra and artist music recordings for brands such as Lincoln, Macy’s, Budweiser, Pepsi, One World Observatory and Hudson Yards (The Edge).


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