Chief Creative, Preymaker

Angus is a globally renowned creative pioneer and entrepreneur. In 2020, he launched the creative and technology studio Preymaker as a future facing collective of creatives and technologists who utilize an advanced custom cloud platform to craft content for leading brands and studios. 

Innovation is Angus’ specialty; in particular, leveraging emerging technologies and utilizing the latest in computer vision, A.I. machine learning and cloud technology. He was one of the chief architects in creating breakthrough IP such as The Blackbird®, a unique vehicle for automotive content that creates photoreal computer generated vehicles. Blackbird® won a Cannes Innovation Gold Lion. In collaboration with Epic Games, Angus and his team pioneered the use of game engines in Media & Entertainment, rendering photoreal content into live action in real-time, showcased to wide acclaim at GDC2017. 

Angus worked alongside the team responsible for the development of Mascot, a real-time animation system that enables CGI characters to be performed and animated live, using a combination of Unreal game-engine technology and motion sensors. Mascot was awarded Adweek’s Project Isaac Award, celebrating marketing and advertising inventors who are breaking the mold and pushing the industry forward using the latest technology and inspired thinking. He also directed PETA’s Cannes Gold award-winning “98% Human,” pioneering photoreal computer generated creatures. This fundamentally propelled the use of digital animals in media and entertainment. The spot received a standing ovation led by Dr. Jane Goodall at the Great Apes Summit, paving the way for films such as The Jungle Book and The Lion King. 

Angus continues to pioneer the use of new technologies pushing what is possible and helping define the new world of content creation. Angus has been working most recently with teams of PhD researchers utilizing computer vision and machine learning to create and develop next-generation systems for advertising, film and social media. 

Angus has been recognized by Adweek as part of their Creative 100, which celebrates the most inspiring minds in marketing, media and culture.


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