Co-Chief Creative Officer, McCann Detroit

Chuck Meehan has done award-winning work for a diverse set of clients from Kia and FCA to AT&T, McDonald's and GM, always leveraging the intersection of culture and commerce. 

As the Co-CCO at McCann Detroit, he oversees GM, U.S. Bank and Bissell. Some career highlights include work for the National D-Day Museum, FCA/Star Wars for the "Phantom Menace" and a Superbowl spot in 2021 - “No way Norway”, featuring actor Will Ferrell. It created a global conversation and won an International Andy Award. He followed that up with “Dr. EV-il” for GM in Superbowl 2022. Chuck believes in leading from behind and by example. He's a budding musician and singer on the side, but won't be quitting his day job anytime soon.


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