Executive Producer and Director, Team Bubbly

Andres has over 15 years of experience directing and working with clients from major brands including BMW, HBO, PayPal, 3M, Oreo, Baileys and Amazon. He is known for his passion for storytelling and unique ability to analyze concepts to find complicated perspectives. As a graduate from Purchase College New York, Andres has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Playwriting and Screenwriting. 

Prior to joining Team Bubbly, he was a producer for 5 years at Reality Pictures before working in freelance. As an Executive Producer and Director at Team Bubbly, he uses his extensive experience to lead video production with content production, animation and photography projects. Under his direction, Team Bubbly has worked with major companies including Tabasco, Levi’s, Reebok, Paypal, and Amazon. 

Team Bubbly

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