Executive Producer, Superprime

Charlotte is a creative producer with an unflinching nerve.

Her career in the arts began with music video production, producing for artists such as Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keyes, Kings Of Leon, Mark Ronson, Oasis, and Pharrell Williams. 

Captivated by the world of high-end, award winning commercial production, Charlotte soon began crafting advertising campaigns for directors such as Jonathan Glazer, Chloe Zhao, Tom Hooper, Gus Van Sant, Stephen Daldry, Sean Baker, James Gray, Megaforce, Noam Murro, Romain Gavras, Gustav Johansson, Martin Krejci, Jeff Low, Andreas Nilsson, and Jean-Baptiste Mondino. 

Producing through a variety of notable companies (Academy Films, Anonymous Content, Biscuit Filmworks, Blink HSI, Hungry Man, Iconoclast, Partizan, Superprime, and Stink), Charlotte has steered the success of numerous shoots across the globe. The work features the talents of Johnny Depp, Le Bron James, Elle Fanning, James Earl Jones, Lionel Messi, Malcolm McDowell, plus many more. 


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