Co-Founder & Sound Designer, Mermade Sound Berlin

Before Wenke became Germany's most awarded sound designer, she had to prove herself as one of the very few women in the audio
industry. She was already Germany's No. 1 petrolhead working on worldwide campaigns for Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Mini, VW, Honda etc. - without yet having a driving license herself. She made up for this in a promise to her late father, who also passed on to her his love of engines and fast driving thanks to German autobahns. Her work enriches not only commercial productions, but also feature films, music releases and international art projects. In 2019, Wenke created in cooperation with the artist Kerstin an exceptional art exhibition shown in Los Angeles and Berlin. As a director, she has also published radio plays for Deutsche Grammophon. Against the strength of her opinion, which was given by her mother, her sound design is characterized already by fine nuances. Tired of being the only sound designer in the room, also even in craft juries, she passes on her knowledge as a lecturer and seminar leader. Her deep believe in a true creative process in combination with strong intuition, great passion and sharp skills is the essence of her work.

Mermade Sound

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