Katelin Arizmendi is an American cinematographer, originating from Oakland, California. After completing her film studies with a heavy emphasis on experimental film, her career began in commercials and music videos hooting for brands such as Adidas, BMW, Burberry, Levi’s, Mercedes, H&M, Google, and several more. She always knew her passion was in narrative work, specifically interested in human stories about the LGBTQ community, sexual liberation and freedom, coming of age, youth, racial injustice, and mental illness, to name a few. She’s been the cinematographer on five feature films (Cam, Swallow, Charm City Kings, Monica, and National Anthem). In 2022 she spent most of the year shooting Succession Season 4 (Episodes 2, 4, 6, 8). She feels passionate about collaborating with directors who carry bold and boundary pushing visions, unafraid of challenging audiences and inspired to experiment with visual language.

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