Director of Photography, Rattling Stick

Born in Glasgow, raised in Leicester & settled in London since his early 20’s.

Stuart started as a stills assistant 41y ago, at a table top studio, dish developing 10x8” negatives often into the middle of the night.

He then moved into film as a runner / PA then 2nd AC, 1st AC, High Speed Camera technician, Camera Operator & then a full time DOP almost 25y ago.

Embracing Digital early on but still shoots on film almost every year too.

Mainly shooting TVC’s, Virtual Production, short films, & occasional Features work. Stuart finds himself in the fortunate position of having an eclectic & diverse career teaching at Film Schools & also running Virtual Production Demo's.

His work is diverse as are the Directors from Ad Agencies, Animation, Camera Dept, Fashion, Film School, The Music industry & more.

Rattling Stick

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