e Wendy Fredriksson – EMEA – 2021 | shots Awards


Production Designer

Production designer Wendy Fredriksson has worked in the film industry for 14 years. From starting out as a junior art department assistant to art directing for the last 9 years, she has cultivated an intuitive understanding of film making that extends beyond surface aesthetic considerations to the bones of storytelling. She thrives on collaboratively engaging with directors and DOP’s in creating the best shots and finding solutions to creative challenges.

Wendy’s interest in art influences her set designs on creative briefs, while her attention to detail, use of colour and interest in exploring materials and textures create engaging worlds in the sets she creates. She is able to adapt to individual briefs and create worlds that range from real and gritty, to restrained and elegant, quirky or surreal.

Wendy lives and works in Cape Town, and has built up working relationships with many international and local South African directors in the commercials sector, as well as music videos and art films. She has worked abroad in Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, Uganda, Mozambique and Switzerland. Travelling for work is one of the best things about her career, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with multiple creative minds.

Wendy Fredriksson

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