Executive Producer, O Positive London

Nell Jordan is an Australian award-winning Executive Producer/Producer with over 35 years experience who lives in London

Nell started her career in live television including travelling and working on Ashes series, international Test matches, Grand Prix, Olympics, Americas Cup, live news etc before moving onto shooting commercials and music videos for artistes including Elton John, INXS and producing outside broadcast concerts with international artistes .

She worked at various production companies in Sydney on campaigns including Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Fosters, Ford etc before moving to London in 1996.

Upon arrival in London she worked for many top directors and travelled the world shooting big budget campaigns for both American and UK agencies

She spent 12 years at MJZ working with their roster of award winning directors producing commercials including Sony Balls among many others

Upon leaving she freelanced before moving to Stink to look after their busy global production department

She has maintained a long working relationship with David Shane (O Positive) and opened their London office five years ago to represent their roster producing awarding campaigns like Currys (Jeff Goldblum) among others.

Nell has shot all over the world dragging camera gear and crew into jungles, deserts, oceans, beaches, snow, mountains and covered every continent over many years still has a huge passion for good filmmaking.

She is looking very forward to helping judge some exciting work.

O Positive London

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