Partner, Electric Theatre Collective

Jess joined the industry 11 years ago, fresh out of uni with a determination to get into production in the world of advertising. Having been given the opportunity to work at MPC, she jumped at the chance. Beginning her career as FOH, Jess later progressed up through the production ranks, still keeping an eye on a potential move over to agency side…one day.

As time went on, she couldn’t help but fall in love with the craft of VFX and the work that goes into the filmmaking process. Jess moved to Unit in 2015 as a producer where she immersed herself into the world of offline editing, audio production and visual effects.

Not long after, Jess landed a job at Electric Theatre Collective. Working with Directors such as Tim Godsall and Scott Lyon and many more before graduating to a job in Sales, much to her surprise. Jess had no idea what to expect but will admit it’s the best job she’s ever had (even better than working in a fish and chip shop). Since joining 7 years ago, Jess’s contributions to the growth and success of ETC make her a key part of senior management at the studio.

Electric Theatre Collective

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