EP/Founder, HALAL Amsterdam

Gijs Determeijer is a renowned Executive Producer and Partner at HALAL, an Amsterdam-based film production company and photography agency. Gijs' innovative approach and vision have made HALAL one of the most exciting production companies in the Netherlands, with an ever-growing international presence. His efforts to promote Dutch talent have earned significant recognition, including a Producers Award at the Young Director Award and a Grand Prix at Ciclope.

Under Gijs' guidance, HALAL has produced exceptional work for a range of brands in both the commercial and fashion worlds like Nike, Samsung, Stella McCartney, Adidas, G-Star, Volkswagen, and Greenpeace, to name a few. Gijs has also nurtured the careers of several notable Dutch directors who have made it big in the United States, including Emmanuel Adjei, who became Beyoncé’s creative director after his work on 'Black is King', and Emma Westenberg, whose 'PYNK' video for Janelle Monae received a Grammy nomination.

HALAL Amsterdam

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