The Judging Process

The shots Awards EMEA have jury heads for different categories, or groups of categories, and they and their fellow jury members will decide both the shortlisted work and, after a period of online deliberation, the eventual winners.

Further to this, points will be allocated to shortlisted and winning work – and the respective companies involved in making that work – to ascertain the winners of the company and people categories, with the company/person gaining the greatest number of points announced as the winner.

The points allocation is as follows:

  • Shortlisted work: 1 point
  • Bronze winning work: 3 points
  • Silver winning work: 5 points
  • Gold winning work: 8 points

The categories for which the above
points system is employed:

  • Director of the Year
  • VFX Company of the Year
  • Agency of the Year
  • Editing House
  • Editor of the Year
  • Production Co of the Year
  • Audio Company of the Year
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