Based in Paris, Marie Malherbe is a producer driven by her passion for organization, production processes, collaborations with new artistic partners, and international exchanges. She received her training at Gobelins in 2015 in the Animation Production Management program. After several experiences in France, she gained international experience working at Brownbag Films, 9 Story Media, and Lighthouse, where she contributed to the production of projects for industry giants such as Amazon, Disney, and Cartoon Network.

In 2020, she returned to France to join Teamto and refocus on production. With extensive international production experience for large-scale projects and complex clients, she became a lecturer at Brassart School in Paris and abroad.

In 2021, Marie joined Unit Image as a Producer, where she works on realistic teen-adult animation projects and more frequent international collaborations. She is currently developing new partnerships for the company while overseeing the production of some of these projects.

Marie Malherbe is recognized for her ability to manage complex projects with international partners. Her passion for creative developments and high-quality international collaborations continues to guide her work at Unit Image.

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