Head Of CG, Absolute

Coming from an artistic family, it was always a given that Rebekah would find herself in a creative industry and she initially embarked on a career as a Product Designer. However, thanks to a chance peep over the shoulder of a family friend, her head was quite literally turned by CG. “I saw him doing it and thought ‘I could do that’. So I did.”  
In the years that followed, Rebekah enjoyed tenures at Saddington Baynes, VFX Co and Smoke & Mirrors, as well as several freelancing gigs. Across her 20+ years in the industry, she has honed her craft working on projects for high-profile clients such as Sky, Harrods, BMW and Estée Lauder, collaborating with some of the industry’s finest agencies and production companies.  
In 2002, Rebekah became Head of 3D at Smoke & Mirrors, which she lists as a momentous career moment: “It was unusual for a woman to take such a position in those days and sadly it still remains so some 20 years later.” In the years that have followed, Rebekah has mentored many teams. She expresses pride in having watched so many talented artists ‘start from scratch and become leaders in their own right’ and is passionate about channelling diversity within the industry.   
Rebekah joined Absolute in September 2021, heading up Absolute’s 3D team as they continue to produce world-class craft across the advertising, film, TV and music industries.


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