Casting Director, Kayos

Actor / Dancer / Performance and Director trained, Monique Murray began her career as a Casting Director in 2001. She has cast feature films such as the award winning film Forgiveness, Directed by Ian Gabriel (Arnold Vosloo, Denise Newman, Zane Meas, Christo Davids, Quanita Adams) and a range of other feature films, TV series and commercials. 

Monique has a BA Honours Degree in Drama, having majored in Directing and Acting, and also graduated as the Student of Excellence at The Performing Arts College in Australia.  In addition, Monique did Grades 1 - 8 Trinity College of London Speech and Drama, and attended invitation- only master acting classes at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. 

Monique joined the Kayos Casting Directors team in 2006. Kayos Casting Directors have auditioned around a million people, for nearly 6000 projects in the last 25 years! Kayos specializes in handling jobs of ANY size, from 1-100+ roles. Kayos cast for both international and local commercials, of which many have won international and local advertising awards for casting. 

Monique and the Kayos Casting Directors team also cast the internationally award winning South African film, "Flatland", as well as award winning short films "Chip" and "Locals Only" amongst others.

Monique’s passion lies in fulfilling a director’s vision, allowing every artist who casts their best audition, and keeping a cool, calm head no matter what!  After living in various countries (UK, Germany, Australia, America) and many cities over the years, Monique has made her home in Cape Town in recent years.

Specialisation & Accreditation
•BA Honours Drama: Rhodes University
•Grades 1 - 8 Trinity College of London Speech & Drama
•Graduated Student of Excellence: The performing Arts College, Perth, Australia
•Master acting classes: Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts


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