Editor, The Assembly Rooms

Eve joined the London offline editing house, Willcox & Willcox, in 1998 where she undertook a 6-year apprenticeship in learning the craft of editing.

In 2004, Eve desired a bigger challenge, so she joined the internationally renowned offline editing house, Cut & Run, joining as Senior First Assistant Editor. Eve assisted the company owner and globally awarded editor, Steve Gandolfi, for a year before transitioning to the position of Editor in her own right, and quickly progressed to Senior Editor. Eve’s ability and dedication to her craft and to the company, was rewarded by her appointment as Company Director in 2011.

In Autumn 2015, Eve left Cut & Run to join The Assembly Rooms – a small and boutique company, with a high emphasis on the type of creative quality work Eve has always pursued. Eve joined the company as a Senior Editor and Company Partner.

As well as working with high profile clients, Eve takes pride in mentoring younger members of staff and hosts apprenticeship programs which train and help promote employees. Eve’s dedication to learning new skills, software and techniques, and her impeccable attention to detail and strong organisation skills, ensures that she delivers a consistently high standard of work to every client and project she is involved with.

Eve’s passion and drive for the highest quality editing has been recognised throughout the industry and resulted in numerous awards, including being voted in the Televisual top 5 editors in the UK for the last 4 years. And awarded at shows such as Cannes Lions, British Arrows, D&AD, Kinsale Shark, Creative Circle, Shots, Immortal, Kino Film Awards and Aesthetica Short Film Awards, amongst others.

Working in what is traditionally a predominantly male dominated industry and role, Eve is a testimony to her hard work, passion and dedication to the creative process of storytelling and has created an inspiring pathway for others looking to enter into the industry.

The Assembly Rooms

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