e Sarah Jenneson – EMEA – 2021 | shots Awards


Production Designer

Sarah Jenneson was raised in the North and studied Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University. Her entry into the industry was through prop making at the Jim Henson Company, including working on films such as Star Wars. She now works as a Production Designer across Film, TV, Music Video and Commercials. Her background in Fine Art manifests through her nuanced use of colour and highly detailed, often technically challenging, set design.

She has designed commercials for directors such as Susanne Bier, Jeff Low, Ben Wheatley, Aaron Stoller and Matt Lambert. Her recent work includes a forthcoming TV series for the BBC with director Dawn Shadforth and After Love, a feature film directed by Aleem Khan and winner of the Cannes 2020 Semaine de la Critique label.

Sarah Jenneson

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