Costume Designer, United Agents

Mr. Gammon is a costume designer.

No cast too vast, nor celebrity too big.

He has lent his creative touch to an array of individuals, from rock icons to TV chefs, world-class athletes, and celebrated actors. His talents have brought to life everything from moon landings to superheroes, sad blue monsters to the elegant men of the Congo.

In this advertising world he has costume designed for famous brands that make scented water, sugared water and sparkling water. Banking, Shops, Food, Drink, insurance, electronic devices, alcohol, social media, cleaning products, hotels, and countries.

His work has earned him accolades and directors DGA’s.

The patience of a saint with the tact of a diplomat.

He can charm the most particular of clients at a hundred paces.

His reconciliation is legendary with one noted accountant stating, “his recon is like accountancy porn…..”

An avid illustrator with a sketchbook, at the ready.

He’s handy with a needle and thread, just view his sewing tips online.

Repair, repurpose, recycle, repeat.

Joie de vivre.

United Agents

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