Managing Director/EP, Freefolk

With more than three decades of experience in VFX for film and commercials, Fi Kilroe is a standout industry expert and arguably one of the most respected and well-connected Managing Directors in the business.

Fi played a key role in transforming Freefolk from a small boutique studio into the established VFX house it is today. Fi has been instrumental in the company's success, contributing to notable advertising campaigns for brands such as Skoda, Cadburys, O2, and many others. Additionally, her involvement in Emmy-winning and BAFTA-nominated VFX work for Paramount TV's "The Alienist" has been a testament to her exceptional skills.

Formerly Freefolk’s Head of Production, Fi has been running the business since 2018. Her passion for post-production and VFX, and her innate ability to nurture talent has cultivated an unparalleled creative atmosphere at Freefolk, where some of the industry's most sought-after VFX artists and producers collaborate.

Fi’s early career began at the Mill, later moving into production roles at Imagination and Propaganda Films, working on iconic campaigns for brands like Honda, Lurpak, and Nike.


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