Managing Partner and Creative Director, MAGMA

Seppl Kretz has his roots in playing organ, synths and keys for indie/psychedelic bands all over the globe. This path eventually led him into music production and supervision for media.
As a Creative (Music) Director, he has won numerous international awards, such as the Cannes Lions, D&AD, Eurobest, and many more. His remarkable work with renowned brands such as Heineken, Diesel and Schweppes has been widely recognized and celebrated.
In 2022, Seppl embarked on an exciting new venture by co-founding Magma Music Agency with Michael Bertoldini. As the co-founders, they have established a dynamic company dedicated to delivering top-quality sync, music production and supervision. Magma Music Agency grew from 2 to 7 people within the year and has quickly gained recognition in the industry for their innovative approach and commitment to excellence.


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