Executive Creative Director, Accenture Song

Vix Jagger is Executive Creative Director at Accenture Song, working alongside Pablo González, joining the agency in 2021.

Previously she was at Anomaly London, where she led the global re-brand of Unilever, as well launching their new ‘Every U does good’ campaign across 20 markets. Prior to that, Vix worked at both DDB and BBH. While at BBH she created the successful viral film #WhatIReallyReallyWant to support the UN’s Global Goals and to improve conditions for women in developing countries.

The film received over 150 million views worldwide and made headlines across the globe, appearing in shows like Good Morning America and Channel 4’s Gogglesprogs. Best of all, the film went on to be shared at the UN - affecting future policies and helping make real change.

Accenture Song

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