Founder, OB Management

Otis Bell is the founder of OB Management, an integrated director management and production company for commercials and music videos. 

Established in 2004, OB quickly became recognised as a trusted resource for both emerging and established music video directors. Since then the agency has dominated the music video industry, representing some of the world’s most creative production companies and directors with a prolific output of award winning work. 

Harnessing its reputation for introducing exciting new talent, OB expanded its offering into representing directors for commercials and content in 2013, uniquely offering up their talent independently or with production support where needed. The company is now a fully inclusive director management agency successfully developing, guiding and nurturing talent from their first music video commissions to worldwide commercial recognition. 

In 2012, OB also co-founded PROBATION with Matt Davey, a photographic agency representing award-winning photographers working in advertising, music and entertainment. The different strands of the business work seamlessly together across both integrated campaigns and stand-alone projects.

OB Management

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